In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

After Vacation

When you arrive home from a vacation, you may be too tired (or lazy) to unpack all the tote bags of projects you took with you.

So you have a little project that you pulled out when you last blogged.

When you arrive home from work, where you find that your desk exploded during your absence, you may be too tired (or lazy) to drag the big frame stand over to work on what you'd planned to do.

So you pick up that same little project you pulled out when you last blogged.

When you're too tired (or lazy) to stitch more than an hour or so after work, it's nice to have a small project that at least looks as if you're getting something done.

So you continue to stab at that little project every night.

And when you were too tired (or lazy) to take the big bag of fiberfill upstairs after the last time you needed fiberfill before you went on vacation, you might get that little project completely stitched and finish-finished.

Spring Showers Sampler Accent
#4 in Events in Stitches
Periwinkle Promises

I was so excited to get this finished. I actually pulled another project out of one of the vacation tote bags and worked on it last night. I haven't unpacked any of the vacation tote bags, but I did pull something out.

Four Silver Needles
Stitcher's Christmas
David McCaskill

My plan is to work on this today, in between doing the usual laundry/housework/week-end cooking. There is a big pot of vegetable beef soup simmering on the stove as we speak, since we are predicted to get a whopping inch or less of snow overnight. Given that the last big snow event that was predicted turned into a No-Show-Snow, I'm not expecting anything more than rain--but it will be nice to have soup anyway. This  winter has been so mild, this is the first time I've made this particular recipe.

There is an ulterior motive. This pot of soup will provide a few meals next week, so I'll have more time to stitch.


  1. Let's hear it for little projects! The Periwinke Promises piece is lovely (and finish-finished is always something to celebrate). The roses (well, they look like roses to me) seem to be a bit poofy?

    Good for you that you get any stitching done evenings after work! I find I'm getting to Jane Turner only on weekends ... though I'm afraid a little project would just sidetrack me (oh look - a squirrel!).

  2. I am assuming the roses are supposed to be the May flowers that the April showers bring--and they're worked with a whipped spider web, so they do stand up a bit.

  3. Congratulations on your finished project! It sounds like you had a fabulous time in Williamsburg. I was in Williamsburg last week as well; attending another retreat. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Soup is perfect for those rainy/snowy times. I feel as though I can smell it cooking. Enjoy!