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Monday, November 5, 2018

More glorious threads

I bought more threads.

They came today.

I have some metal threads, some limited edition colors in Facette Gimp, a really neat metal and silk trim piece--all for my casket.

One thing I'm finding is I need different textures for some of the design. And I, who am not all that fond of green (maybe because when I wear green, I look like my liver died), need many different shades and textures of green thread to get the effect I want for hills and dales and trees and leaves.

And I think I'm going to need more.

And I also think I'm going to have to change some of the plans for my castle, which will be on the back panel of the casket. I was planning to have a shining white and grey stone castle, but apparently there are few shades of gray and white in the historical embroideries. So . . . I need to decide just how gleaming my castle on the hill is going to be.

Back to the drawing board.

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  1. pooey~ make your castle how YOU want it Ann! I have a castle on the side of my flat top the background...but still big enough I think to do some fun things with! Cant wait....I am drowning in a sea of roses and rose petals about BORING. xoxoxo rachael