In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's a start . . .

This was an absolutely horrendous week at work.

In fact, I just about decided to retire and join a contemplative religious order with a strict vow of silence so that I wouldn't have to talk to the public, which, for some reason, has been particularly difficult to talk to.

This was tempered by two things:  Presbyterians don't have contemplative religious orders, first of all. Secondly, Dearly Beloved pointed out I'd probably have to take strict vows of poverty and chastity as well, and he didn't think that would work out for me.

So I stitched instead. Every minute that I was not at work, I stitched. Stress relief, doncha know.

Today I started the finishing process for Pocket for Posies. I started with the easiest part first.

The carrier is lined and accessorized--now I have to start working on the smalls that it carries.

As usual, finishing has taken longer than I had hoped. I really think I start losing IQ points when I try to put things together. It doesn't stop me from trying, and it doesn't stop me from taking classes which will result in having to put things together, but there are days when I feel absolutely fumble-fingered and dimwitted.

And I really want to get this all put together. Jackie du Plessis is teaching the Fair Maiden's workbag at Salty Yarns and at Needle in a Haystack, and that's making me yearn to pull that kit out and work on it. I was going to slot it in on the next round of Ellie's Plan projects, but I'm sort of wanting to get it all done and assembled. I may have to modify the Ellie Plan again to make that happen.

And then there's Sherri Jones' Mr. Butters class though Shining Needle Society. The stitching directions are to be posted on Tuesday. There's another project I really want to do. And the friends who took Betsy Morgan's Toy Chest with me have been bringing their finished chests and toys to guild meetings, another reason to pull that out as well. I'd like to work on Eve in the Garden again, too.

Maybe I need to find a contemplative order that will allow me to stitch all day.


  1. Thanks for the chuckles and good luck with what you eventually decide.

  2. Some days I feel like that too. lol
    Pocket For Posies looks cute already, what a great project.