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Monday, October 31, 2011

Total Lack of Progress Report

Several months ago I announced that I had a list of projects that could just possibly be completed by the end of October.

It's the end of October.

Happy Halloween, by the way.

I digress.

Which is apparently what I've been doing instead of working on my list.

I have completed two of them, St. Margaret's Star and the Dresden Lace correspondence course from EGA.  The rest of them are pretty much in the same state they were in at the last progress report.

However, I have also finished ten Christmas ornaments (and eight are finish-finished) and a small spot sampler.  As soon as I locate the camera cord, I'll show them to you.

And I've added several new projects to the list: there are the two sampler classes from Winterthur, Thistlewood from Jackie duPlessis via Shining Needle, and This One's for Betty from Betsy Morgan via the Swan Sampler Guild.  And I've pulled Martha Edlin out and have been working on her again. Actually, Martha has received a LOT of attention lately and I am very, very happy with her at the moment.

I've also gone to visit The Flash a couple of times, spent a girls' week-end with Baby Girl, and travelled to Winterthur.  AND  I've started the dreaded cleaning to the molecular level required for the holidays.

Maybe I should try a slightly shorter list the next time I try this.  Which won't be until after the holidays since I don't need another list to deal with this time of the year.


I need to go lie down with a cool compress.

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