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Monday, August 17, 2015

Judy Souliotis

We've lost another treasure from the needlework world this past week.  Judy Souliotis has passed away.

I took this class from her through SNS a number of years ago, before I started blogging. It exhibits those characteristics that made her designs so compelling:  the elegance of her design line, her unerring sense of color, and her choice of the most appropriate stitches for each area.

Her directions were extremely well-written and made it obvious that she believed that her students were well able to live up to her standards.  While I never took a f2f class from her, I was delighted to stitch this design and to be a "ghost" in some of her classes. We had mutual friends, so we shared meals at Callaway and various ANG seminars while she was still traveling to teach. She was always a delightful companion with a sparkling smile.

I will miss knowing that she's in the world.

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