In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Monday, July 28, 2014


I didn't do any of the things I said I might do yesterday. Instead, I did this:

The second half of the verse . . .which I now need to fill around with tent stitch. Over one. This may take awhile.

And then, today, I got home, and found a delight from the Swans:

The 2014 Swan Sampler Guild ornament kit

Every July the Swans have Christmas in July, with a special ornament designed just for the Guild. There are also surprise presents--and this year I was one of the lucky recipients of a special notebook in its own little case!  

I am so very, very tempted to put a stitch or two into this, but I'm going to take a deep, deep breath and start on the tent stitch around the verse.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Birds and Bees and Trees and a Shed

I did some landscaping for the house yesterday.

Today I can either start planting grass, or I can chart what I want to stitch in the cartouches and stitch that.

Or I can take a nap.

Decisions, decisions. . . I could do all three . . .but in what order?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Building a House

For the past week, I've been building a house.

As with every building project I've been involved in, there were unexpected delays, cost overruns (when we called out for Chinese delivery so I could stitch), weather delays (when the power went out during a thunderstorm for a couple of hours), things that were installed incorrectly and had to be reinstalled, and decisions that have been second-guessed.

This week-end, I plan to plant some trees and start some landscaping.

Obviously I am not following the Ellie Plan this week. I am so very close to finishing Morning Has Broken that I'm going for it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Making Progress

Well, despite pitching a hissy fit earlier this week, I'm still making progress.

I have the first step of the roof on Morning Has Broken filled in, and I started on the second step, after I built the chimneys.

It would have helped if Dearly Beloved hadn't looked over my shoulder and asked if I were going to stitch flowers or if I was just going to leave those dead branches in the flower pots. It took me a minute to figure out he was talking about the smoke from the chimneys.  I have no comment about this, simply reporting.

Another section on Journey is finished:

I realized as I was stitching this section that I won't have enough of the Neon Rays I need for the next three sections.  I have ordered it and hope it will arrive fairly quickly. I had just been thinking how nice it's been on the last several projects to have more than enough thread, and, of course, immediately I run out of something vital.

And after I calmed down from my conniption, I managed to get almost the whole next section on Posey stitched.
I still love the colors.

Tonight I go back to Eve in the Garden. Hopefully I'll get farther this week than I did last!

Monday, July 14, 2014


If you look at this, you will notice that one of these things is not like the others. One of these things is not quite the same.

I will admit, I had a feeling that something wasn't quite lining up as it should but I counted and looked and really couldn't see it until I started getting the darker colors stitched in.

And I had a tantrum. I flung invective and vitriol. I stomped around. I wove a tapestry of profanity (with thanks to Jean Shepherd and A Christmas Story for that image).

In short, I had a hissy fit.

The loony tunes part of my Inner Perfectionist declared that I must immediately take the scissors and cut the whole section out and restitch it. Now, not later.

The saner part of my Inner Perfectionist suggested that it might be wiser to wield a pair of scissors with sharp points when I had calmed down a little bit. Otherwise, I might also have to reweave a linen thread or more if I cut the fabric.  So I went off and did other things for awhile.

Then I came back and looked at it. Hmmm, the sane part of my Inner Perfectionist said, I could just remove the rows on the left side, weave those ends in, and restitch only that section. It would make a bit of a lump if I didn't stagger the rows a little--well, actually there would still be something of a lump  from weaving all those ends in, but this part will be on the bottom of the pincushion.

Wait a minute.

This part will be on the bottom of the pincushion.

And the pincushion is attached to the case.

So that no one will ever see the bottom of the pincushion.

I think I'm going to embrace my wild and crazy self and just leave it. Life is too short to worry about perfection.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More and more and more teeny tiny stitches

I spent my Saturday making more itsy bitsy stitches over one thread on Morning Has Broken:

I had started the strawberries Friday night, but then the Big Kid called and we had a nice, long talk, deserving of my full attention. 

I have now completed the first half of the central section. That would be cause for great rejoicing, but I looked at the next section and it is pretty solidly stitched. As I am realizing that everything takes much longer than I think it should, I'm resigning myself to many more hours of work before I see this finished.

The night before, I had also worked over one.

Poor little bunny did not get much love Thursday night. We had gone out for dinner, which was quite disappointing--service was slow and food mediocre. I do not believe we will be dining there again. But we got home later than I would have liked so I barely had an hour before I needed to fall into bed.

And, still on the Ellie program, I spent Wednesday on Journey and managed to get another motif completed:

This bit is the first of the section that uses overdyed threads to show the direction or flow of the design, and is structured to produce diagonal stripes. I think the next section will create vertical stripes, but I'll find out on Wednesday.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to work on this afternoon. It's a free day, so I can play with whatever I want. It will not, however, be anything worked over one thread. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I've decided I don't want to be an adult any longer, but I've had to be the last couple of days.

Monday . . .well, the first day back at work after a three-day week-end or a vacation is always tough, and it was Monday. 'Nuff said.

I came home to find a minor Domestic Mishap, so I had to be an adult and take care of it. And there were a couple of household chores that were not handled over the week-end that required handling.

I did stitch:

This is the beginning of the pincushion that fits into the Posey needlecase. It's so pretty and so much fun to stitch I hated to go to bed and leave it.

Yesterday required a trip to the grocery store before I came home for an essential ingredient for a new recipe. The new recipe took much, much longer to do than the estimated time in the kitchen the recipe gave and it was not the tastiest thing we've ever cooked in this abode. In short, it was not a keeper.  In fact, Dearly Beloved ceremonially took the print-out of the recipe to the paper shredder and shredded it.

We had a discussion about whether or not the leftovers would ever be eaten and decided that they would likely be pushed to the back of the refrigerator until they turned into an alternate life form. Therefore, despite the fact that we were both reared by children of the Depression who learned that we do not waste food, the leftovers were sent to their reward in the garbage disposal.

So by the time I sat down to stitch it was later than usual. And the next thing I needed to do on Morning was long-arm cross and diagonal cross stitch. The transition from one to the other is something I have to think about--no auto-stitching--but, by golly, I was going to do it.

And we have a sideways picture. If you look closely, you may see that the diagonal cross stitch looks the way it should on the front. On the back, not so much. I realized this after I got all the way across the row.

I throttled my inner perfectionist and decided to let it stay. After all, who would know other than myself and all of you? And we'll never tell, will we?

Tonight I am supposed to work on Journey, but I may be submerged in technology. I have a new camera. The old camera decided it was a filmmaker and kept insisting that it was supposed to make movies rather than take pictures, no matter how it was set. It will only take a picture if you manage to snap it at a critical moment after shaking the camera. That may account for the sideways picture that I can't get to rotate--anyway I have figured out how to point and click with the new one, and I have downloaded the 109 page manual that will hopefully help me take better pictures, but it's going to take some time to figure all this out.

And I just remembered that I need to write a couple of checks tonight to pay bills. Adulthood really is not fun at all.