In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pins and Needes

The minutes snatched here and there for stitching have resulted in the completed embroidery for the front of the needlebook and the front of the pin keep that are part of the Beaded Garden Accessories.

Thanks for all who have asked about Mother. We spent the day with her yesterday. She is very fragile physically, but her mind is as sharp as ever. She has both physical and occupational therapy scheduled to strengthen her legs and arms. The next big hurdle is getting her to understand that a walker is probably going to become her constant companion. And there is an MRI scheduled.

Keep in mind that the last time Mother was hospitalized was when she gave birth to The Saint almost 60 years ago. She does not take any medication. At all. The only medical procedure she has had in her entire life was her cataract surgery, and that was an out-patient procedure. If you think she's planning to give into infirmity . . .well, she has no experience with it and definitely has no patience with any of this.

Which means we have to develop some patience of our own to deal with her impatience.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Off Track

My 87-year-old mother took a tumble this week, so the usual plans for the week and week-end have been derailed.

What she told The Saint* and me was that her knee "gave out." What she didn't tell us was that she hit the floor and was bruised, bleeding, and disoriented. What she didn't tell us was that she had to start using a walker to get around. What she didn't tell us was that she had planned to drive herself to the doctor's office, which alarmed the administration at the retirement center where she lives so much they called The Saint to intercede.

The Saint apparently broke all land and sea records to get to her so she could get her to the doctor's office. The Saint then called me and told me not to come--at least not until the week-end. So that's what we're doing this week-end. Baby Girl is coming, too.

We do expect her to recover. We have also realized that one of us absolutely has to be available for any medical situations. Mother is deaf as a post--which she refuses to admit--after all, she can "hear whatever I need to hear"--well, no, she can't. I have suggested that she take a notebook with her and write down what she hears, then check with the doctor or physical therapist to make sure she has it written down correctly. I think that will help, as well as give her another pathway to remember things.

I hope I'm still as self-sufficient and independent as she is, assuming I'm still around in another 25 years. But I just hope I can accept help when I need it!

So there is almost no stitching going on, even though I definitely need it for stress relief. I'll be back on track with that and the blog once we know what we need to handle and how best to handle it.

* The Saint is my sister, who generally deals with my mother's issues and affairs.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Judy Souliotis

We've lost another treasure from the needlework world this past week.  Judy Souliotis has passed away.

I took this class from her through SNS a number of years ago, before I started blogging. It exhibits those characteristics that made her designs so compelling:  the elegance of her design line, her unerring sense of color, and her choice of the most appropriate stitches for each area.

Her directions were extremely well-written and made it obvious that she believed that her students were well able to live up to her standards.  While I never took a f2f class from her, I was delighted to stitch this design and to be a "ghost" in some of her classes. We had mutual friends, so we shared meals at Callaway and various ANG seminars while she was still traveling to teach. She was always a delightful companion with a sparkling smile.

I will miss knowing that she's in the world.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sweet Little Things

Yesterday was a finishing day, and I can add the Perfume Bottle Etui and the Compact Pin Keep to the Fair Maiden set.

the outsides

the insides

I am pretty happy with them, even if they did take all day. I was determined to take this process slowly and carefully. Slow and careful takes a lot of time.

So does the reorganization, which has come to a standstill at the moment. Once I hauled everything upstairs and threw it on the bed in the guest room/shrine to Baby Girl's girlhood, I went into the out-of-sight-out-of-mind syndrome.

Today I am catching up on Domestic Diva Duties and tending to Dearly Beloved, who has come down with a major cold. He is just a wee bit cranky.

I'm thinking of putting him in isolation until he gets over both the cold and the crankiness.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Progress Report

In the grand clean-up, it appears that nothing is being accomplished other than stacks of things are being shifted from one location to another. This appears to be the norm when I rearrange things.

However, the reams of paper have been stuffed into their page protectors and then into their notebooks, with the exception of about half a dozen sheets. This is when I ran out of page protectors.

I had started the project sorting by attempting to put the things I wanted to do right now in a pile of their own. Everything was landing in that pile. There was a fallacy in my sorting method.

So then I decided to try to at least prioritize things and was using the couch to line things up.  It was at this point that Dearly Beloved walked in to watch TV and went into a Sheldon meltdown.

"You've covered up my spot with your stuff. Where am I supposed to sit? Can we move some of this stuff?"

We have three other quite comfortable chairs in which he could sit, as well as a quite uncomfortable one and a bench. None of these options would work.

So I slid things over and tried to figure it all out on paper, then decided to haul it all upstairs and sort it on the bed in what used to be Baby Girl's room and which is now the guest room.

I just hope nobody needs to spend the night with us for awhile.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Last night I started the Beaded Accessories, another SNS class from Jackie du Plessis.

When I was trying to arrange my bead tray and the linen and the chart and everything else for the most efficient way to work, I came to the realization that there is Just. Too. Much. Stuff. in my corner.

There are project bags and finishing supplies and stretcher bars and scroll frames and a couple of reams of paper that need to be slid into page protectors and filed in their class notebooks. I am beginning to feel more than a little overwhelmed by the whole situation.

So I'm taking a couple of days to get at least this much organized before I am lost in an avalanche of needlework.  We are assuming it will take a couple of days. If my estimates on organization are as unrealistic as the amount of time I think any needlework project will take, it may be a couple of weeks.

Anyway, if the blog is quiet for a day or two (or ten),  you know what's going on.

I hope I know what I'm getting into.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Last of the posies

There were two more accessory pieces to go with Fair Maiden, and I finished the embroidery for both this afternoon.

The plan at the moment (and subject to change) is to spend next Saturday and Sunday, when I have long blocks of time, putting all these smaller projects together. This means I need to decide which project to work on between now and then.

I may stick with the Jackie projects and get the Beaded Garden Accessories stitched. Or I may work on Eve in the Garden. Or I may spend time locating stretcher bars and getting things set up to start.

Dearly Beloved asked why I didn't just set a goal of assembling one accessory piece every evening this week after work. You'd think that after all these years, he would know the answer. I looked at him and said "sewing" and he said "oh" and that was the end of that conversation. Apparently he really did know the answer . . .