In my part of the world we say you are a fool if your passion for a pursuit overcomes all practical sense. I am a stitching fool, and I stitch foolishness.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Can you see me now?

I'm working on a Christmas ornament for an EGA project.

The recommended fabrics was 28 count. I didn't have any of that so this is 32, in white, like the original appeared to be. I am hoping the texture of the stitches will show up when it's all done.

I really hope I can get this all stitched and put together this week-end, although tomorrow will not be a stitching day. We are going to a wedding. Dearly Beloved has trimmed his beard and I have bought the first pair of pantyhose I have purchased in a decade, mainly because my fish-belly-white legs look even whiter against my navy/white print dress. They need help, and self-tanning stuff never looks quite natural on me.  So pantyhose.

To give me more time for stitching, Dearly Beloved is picking up fast food. This means that I have not eaten correctly all day. Today was National Pizza Day or Pizza for Lunch Day or something-to-do -with-pizza day. Our social committee at work bought pizza for the crew. So I had pizza for lunch and  will have burgers and fries for dinner. I am not complaining, but I hope my body forgets that it isn't in college any more and doesn't rebel.

So I should get back to it. I have to say, though, I have had a few thoughts on my ability to get things done efficiently.

A. I wish I stitched faster.


B. I wish I had more time to stitch


C. both of the above.

Next week-end will be the first week-end in May that we haven't had something to do or go to--and it's a long week-end. I have announced that I am going to stitch all day every day and see just how much I can accomplish.

But now I need to see how much more I can do tonight.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wild Wednesday, Tranquil Thursday

We have been trying to figure out why Wednesdays at work have been so . . . weird. The last several have felt more like Mondays than Wednesdays . . . or full moon madness is happening whether the moon is full or not, every Wednesday.

Yesterday was one of those Wednesdays. Plus it rained, off and on. Actually, just as I was halfway between car and building entry, the bottom fell out of the skies. My umbrella got most of it, but I was still soaked from the knees down--so I had damp slacks and wet shoes most of the day. I think it would be carrying business casual too far to pad around the office in bare feet.

Then the phones went crazy and stayed crazy all day.

And then I got a last minute project to work on, which I decided to stay a little late to do--mainly because I knew if I didn't, I'd be awake in the middle of the night thinking about it.

By the time I staggered into the house and growled at Dearly Beloved, I was done, completely done, and decided I should turn into a hermit instead of being sociable and going to ANG. I seriously thought about taking a shower and going to bed early, but the shower woke me up.

So I finished the next step in the strawberries.

The next thing I have to do is cut them out and sew them together and stuff them and tie them to the scrimshaw basket that I have yet to assemble.

But not tonight.

Today was a lot calmer than yesterday but I'm not quite up to finish-finishing. Instead, I am stash-diving to see if I have any 28 count linen. I do not think I do, but it's worth looking anyway. I have a quick (I hope) project to stitch, and it suggests 28 count.

Dearly Beloved has been warned he may have to dig me out if I'm still in the stash at bedtime.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Kicking myself

I have been kicking myself for not mounting the strawberries gauze on muslin in a hoop earlier.  Stitching life has been SO much easier since I did.

I sewed the gauze to a piece of muslin that was tautly mounted in the hoop, then cut away the muslin behind the areas that need to be stitched, and got the third strawberry piece worked. You can't see from my craptastic photo, but my stitching is much more even.

For a brief moment I thought about restitching the two red berries. Then I decided that the surface of a real strawberry is not smooth, so I'm leaving them alone.

It was so worth the time it took to mount it this way. If I sound giddy--well, it doesn't take much to make my little needlework world happy.

Dearly Beloved, who was watching me hand stitch the gauze to muslin asked why I didn't slap it on the sewing machine. What took an hour, said he, would just take a minute or two on the machine.

Au contraire.

To do that, I would have had to:
  • clear off the end of the kitchen or dining room table--Dearly Beloved is currently purging files and has piles of stuff on both.
  • haul the sewing machine out of the closet and hoist it to the top of the table. It's portable only in that there is a handle on the top of its case.
  • load a bobbin. That is, after I found my extra supply of bobbins, which I carefully put away and can't remember where I put them.  (Should I admit that I have bought more bobbins--twice--to replace the ones I can't find? And now I can't find the replacements either?)
  • thread the machine
  • decide which zigzag I want to use
  • get the gauze positioned and pinned
  • sew it on the muslin without sewing myself
It would have taken the same amount of time that hand sewing did.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Monday, May 14, 2018

cranky, cranky, cranky

It's hot. It's been hot for several days. It's supposed to be not hot after today--which means that the AC at work, which has not been on, will suddenly blast out Arctic Air the rest of the week.

When you spend the day in a stuffy office, and it's Monday, you tend to be cranky.

I'm a little afraid to stitch tonight because of that.

I had decided if I didn't stick a needle into something last night, things might get unpleasant, so I pulled out the strawberry piece from Fragrant Fragaria.

One and about a third strawberries to go, then I need to put seeds on them and add leaves.  However, before I get that far, I may make some changes.

I don't know if the hole in the frame was cut too large or the gauze was cut too small, but I fought with the project for several hours last night.  The gauze kept pulling away from the frame, so I didn't have a nice, taut surface. I had to stop, pull off the masking tape, situate the gauze, re-tape, and start stitching again. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

This was draining all the pleasure out of this excursion.

So . . . to avoid even more crankiness (even though I'm home and our AC is operating quite nicely, thank you very much), I believe I am going to mount a piece of muslin in a hoop and sew the gauze to that. Then I'll cut out the area behind the embroidery and finish stitching the strawberries.

And if that doesn't work, I think I'll find something else to stare a needle through.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day

We spent yesterday with Mother.

We've decided that the concept of a second childhood is not a myth.

Mother has decided to be two-years-old again.

If you want her to go right, she goes left.

"No" is her favorite word.

She would like to be carried everywhere. Actually she wants to be wheeled everywhere. We have been told by both her doctor and her physical therapist that she needs to walk as much as possible and that she can walk much better than she does for either of her daughters. With us, she pull a poor, pitiful Pearl routine.

She absolutely does not want her hair washed. We have no idea why this has become an issue. I suggested to The Saint that we just somehow dye it purple and red and then the spikes would look intentional. The Saint did not find this amusing.

She has become a very picky eater. Unless it's dessert. (We know that her taste buds aren't as sensitive due to age. I keep saying, "She's ninety. Let her eat what she wants." The Saint has issues with that.)

I have started making a list of things to avoid doing as I age so I won't be a heartache or a headache for my children. I plan to read it every day, like a mantra, until it become engrained.

Baby Girl doesn't think this will work. She has mentioned that I'm already contrary.

I'm doomed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Merry Month of May

This poor, neglected blog and my poor, neglected needlework projects are about to become even more neglected.

There are four week-ends in May. We have family events and visits scheduled for three of the four.  This means that the stuff I normally do on the week-ends I have to do in the evenings after work. This means that the minutes I carve out to stitch in the evenings are taken up with mops and washing machines and scrub brushes and errands (and I really, really hate running errands after work).

So, if I have any readers left after this very hectic month--I'll see you on the flip side!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Home again . . .

I've been home since Tuesday, but when I went back to work on Wednesday, I discovered the email, voice mail, and regular mail had all exploded all over my desk.

I'm finally caught up, but by the time I came home, I could do no more than stare blankly into space. I did go to EGA Wednesday night (I had to, I presented the program) but that's the closest I've been to actually holding a needle since last week-end.

Hopefully, I will stitch this week-end. I have motivation because look what came in the mail this week:

The only problem is that I also have temptation to stray from stitching to reading. Look what else arrived:

I know the minute I read the first page, I will be doomed to continue reading until I turn the last page. Sandford's books are roller-coasters--and you can't get off midway.

What a lovely dilemma to have!